Investor Relations Clienteer centralizes all your contact, account and fund information in one platform, allowing your Investor Relations team to efficiently organize the data you care about and communicate more effectively with investors and prospects.

Investor Relations
  • Seamlessly import balance and transaction data from your fund administrator and/or internal accounting system with exception reports to insure accuracy
  • Easily track investor capital activity, with built-in workflow functionality, to assure a well-defined process surrounding all transactions such as subscriptions, redemptions, transfers and more
  • Track the multiple interrelationships between investors, funds/accounts and various related parties, including: family members, accountants, financial advisors or marketers and control document permissions for each
  • Generate, watermark/password protect and distribute critical investor documents such as statements, tax estimates, K-1s, and call/distribution notices directly from Clienteer
  • Access your firm's entire history of notes, meetings and emails and even search note or document content with the universal search tool 
  • Take advantage of specialized industry features including: liquidity tracking, performance analytics and industry specific compliance reports 
  • Easily handle the creation of dynamic groups based on any criteria and streamline your group email distributions
  • Utilize the DOCQUEUETM feature to efficiently consolidate, collate and securely distribute complex document packages
  • Select from dozen of useful report templates 

Sales & Marketing Clienteer's pipeline management screen and related workflows enables you to take full control of your marketing and capital raising efforts.

Sales & Marketing
  • Easily track prospects and potential transactions in a customizable grid with the ablity to quickly categorize, query, or rank opportunities on any metric 
  • Effectively monitor your sales activities with automated workflow milestones and related task management 
  • Leverage Clienteer's pipeline board mode for better forecasting on expected close date or stage in sales cycle
  • Automate the distribution of sales materials including fund fact sheets with all relevant statistics calculated in Clienteer
  • Create both static and dynamic (criteria based) groups for specific prospecting focus and easily manage your group communications
  • Advanced Linkedin Integration that allows you to search for shared 2nd degree connections you have with an individual or firm; and of these connections, which already have contact information populated in Clienteer. 
  • Utilize the Nearby contacts feature to effectively plan roadshows
  • Track engagement leveraging recipient specific email and document download statistics
  • Send templated marketing emails with automatically watermarked document packages from Clienteer Mobile or the Outlook Add-in

Operations Clienteer optimizes your operational workflows through a suite of automated tools such as Outlook integration, dynamic groups and email notifications for important tasks.

  • Seamlessly import balance and transaction data from your fund administrator and/or internal accounting system with exception reports to insure accuracy
  • Complete Outlook integration - file emails and documents, as well as, synchronize contacts, calendars and tasks. Gmail email auto-filing also available
  • Set up automated email notifications for notes or important tasks
  • Track all fund level information, see all investor accounts in each fund and even generate on the fly investor level performance reports
  • Process new investor contributions from the pipeline with specific on-boarding workflows
  • Complete access to all system activity via our searchable Library and Audit screens
  • Easily generate fund/account one-pagers, capital calls, distributions notices and statements
  • Clienteer’s edit mode feature acts like excel and allows for efficient on-grid editing on the Contact List Screen, easing the data clean up and management headache.
  • Easily track investor capital activity, with built-in workflow functionality, to assure a well-defined process surrounding all transactions such as subscriptions, redemptions, transfers and more
  • Streamline the tracking and management of activity and document approval processes
  • Utilize the Outlook Add-in's Signature Parser to quickly create Clienteer or Outlook contacts from an email's signature

Compliance Clienteer helps establish a culture of compliance, allowing you to track and archive all investor communications, implement compliant workflows, and organize the data you need for regulatory and investor reporting.

  • Archive all investor and prospect communication, meetings and documents in one system
  • Ensure compliant and secure investor and prospect communications using our group email distribution functionality and watermarking & tracking tools
  • Keep track of important account information including ERISA levels, FATCA categories, Form PF information and New Issue Eligibility 
  • Limit access to relevant Clienteer functions and investor information by utilzing defined user roles
  • Set up document approval processes, allowing for streamlined and compliant document distributions
  • Enable change notifications, ensuring that compliance personnel are notified whenever key data fields are updated
  • Ability to audit all User activity and restore unwanted contact, account and group data changes

Clienteer Mobile Clienteer Mobile is optimized for the business development and IR professional on the road, empowering them to access and act on their data, responding to investors in real time.

Clienteer Mobile
  • Native iOS, Apple Watch and Andriod Apps 
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) integrations
  • Send templated emails with watermarked, compliance-approved documents
  • Schedule meetings and send native Outlook invites
  • Effectively manage pipeline stages and transacitons with ability to review reports, edit pipeline details, and add new prospect transactions
  • Leverage the Nearby Contacts tool to effectively plan roadshows
  • Utilize the app's Offline Mode to add notes and meetings, save note drafts and search for contacts
  • Integration with Apple's native Apps, such as Files to easily access saved reports and documents and iCal to quickly import meetings into the Clienteer Calendar
  • View Account related details, performance, notes/emails, linked Contacts and Documents
  • Manage your Tasks ensuring you never miss a follow-up

Configurations & API Integrations Clienteer can either be maintained on-premise or in the cloud, providing maximum flexibility in system configuration as your business needs evolve.

Clienteer's architecture allows for both direct API and open database access, facilitating your ability to streamline workflows between systems. Clienteer can be integrated with Mobile Device Management (MDM) products, Accounting systems and data intelligence sources, like Preqin and MMD.

Configurations & API Integrations

Because Clienteer centralizes all your contact, account, and fund information in one platform, your investor relations team will be able to effiently communicate and distribute secure investor documents to each investor, meeting their demands for fund transparency