Fund Research FundInsight offers robust fund research tools from filtering funds of interest from 3rd party data feeds to documenting your findings from both investment and operational due diligence

Fund Research
  • Set up 3rd party data feeds with the ability to link any fund into your research short list on the fly for more in depth analysis
  • Customize manager, contact or fund level page layouts to track any information you care about with the ability to query or create reports using any fields
  • Set up custom Q&A templates for periodic reviews, DDQs, meeting notes or Operational Due Diligence checklists
  • Create and save multiple criteria queries to filter funds on any qualitative or quantitative attributes
  • Utilize workflow fields and tasks to track fund status changes or research To-Dos
  • Categorize funds via a robust and customizable 3 tier asset class, strategy, sub-strategy classification hierarchy
  • Score funds based on any criteria and view aggregated scores accross all funds

Performance Analytics FundInsight calculates all performance statistics, absolute and benchmark relative risk measures and handles single or multi-fund analysis across all your funds and portfolios

Performance Analytics
  • Import historical return and AUM time series from data feeds or excel sheets to easily maintain your performance database 
  • Calculate over 150 specific performance statistics over any date range on the fly
  • Easily compare performance relative to any benchmark or to other similar strategy funds
  • Track fund exposures and attributions with the ability to set up custom exposure templates using your own categories and to aggregate from fund to portfolio level
  • Set up groups for comparative analysis on any qualitative or quantitative metric
  • Create multi-fund hypothetical portfolios with rebalancing for modelling or advisory proposals
  • Set up custom branded fact sheets or other fund or portfolio level reports

CRM & Document Management FundInsight serves as a searchable archive for all your fund related emails, notes and documents, and also allows you to manage scheduling of your manager meetings and handle your post meeting write-ups

CRM & Document Management
  • Easily categorize and file research related emails and documents via our Outlook add-in or auto email filing utility
  • Create custom 'Activity' templates for manager DDQs, annual reviews or quarterly call notes and generate activity reports or view a time series of responses at the field level  
  • Create and assign tasks for due diligence To-Dos and track the status of all tasks globally with filtering by manager, analyst, etc. 
  • Archive a complete history of all your manager notes, emails and documents with customizable document folders and note categories that are fully searchable at fund or global level 
  • Set up reminders for your manager meetings and manage your calendar of meetings with tie in to our activity templates for documenting relevant notes post meeting
  • Utilize workflow fields to track fund status changes tied to various due diligence steps and set up approvals to institutionalize your research compliance process

Portfolio Management FundInsight handles detailed tracking of all your fund transactions, fund and portfolio level liquidity modeling, portfolio attributions by fund or strategy, aggregated exposures analysis and portfolio performance analytics

Portfolio Management
  • Fully shadow your fund administrator by tracking all allocation and redemption transactions to underlying funds in your portfolios 
  • See detailed portfolio attributions over any period broken out by fund, asset class, strategy or sub-strategy
  • Aggregate fund exposures to the portfolio level to monitor overall portfolio exposures to industry sectors, regions, or security types
  • Handle future asset allocation modeling and see impacts of planned allocations or redemptions on your portfolios and cash positions 
  • Comprehensively track your liquidity schedules for any portfolio or any particular fund across all portfolios holding it

Operational Due Diligence FundInsight puts you in control of managing your Investment and Operational Due Diligence questionnaires and tasks, documenting asset verification or portfolio security levels, scoring your funds, and easily reporting on your findings

Operational Due Diligence
  • Set up customized Q&A templates for investment or operational due diligence with ability to flag any items for follow up
  • Generate complete research reports with supporting schedules and analyst comments
  • Track outstanding research tasks and upcoming meetings and assign deadlines and responsible parties
  • Import detailed security level or asset verification information from custodians and counterparties on any fund
  • Score funds on any customized criteria and compare scores across all your funds

Client Service At Imagineer, we put a tremendous emphasis on client service and customer satisfaction. Your subscription to FundInsight includes installation, training, and all ongoing client support and product updates throughout your license period.

Client Service

Because Clienteer centralizes all your contact, account, and fund information in one platform, your investor relations team will be able to effiently communicate and distribute secure investor documents to each investor, meeting their demands for fund transparency.

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