Due Diligence Standardizing the information you track about managers is critical to staying organized and running an effective research process. Synap enables users to easily build and manage custom templates for people, companies, reviews, and funds, helping with ongoing due diligence and manager reviews.

Due Diligence

Reporting With Synap, adding notes for face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and other interactions is simple and straightforward. Familiar text formatting options, easy-to-use tags, and the ability to connect your work to people, managers, and funds together makes it easy to stay organized now and find what you’re looking for when you need it later.


Effective Collaboration Synap empowers teams to effortlessly stay in sync through a suite of collaboration and workflow management tools.  

Effective Collaboration
  • Share email, notes, DDQs and other activity with your team
  • Comment on activity to create a complete and searchable history of your research
  • Get instant notifications when anyone on your team interacts with the funds and managers you're tracking
  • Orchestrate the tasks that need to happen at every step of the investment research process
  • Drive accountability by assigning task owners and due dates
  • Stay on track with reminders and notifcations

API Integrations Synap's open API architecture enables users to integrate with portfolio management, accounting, and analytics software products used by multi-asset class investment managers. This flexibility helps them to deploy the best-of-breed solution that fits all their business needs. 

API Integrations
  • Email Providers (Outlook 365 & Gmail): Synap imports the messages from contacts you choose to share with your team and automatically creates contact and company records. 
  • Help Desk Software: Synap improts tickets along with associated attachments, activity and customer information from connected help desk applications.
  • CRM Software: Synap imports sales opportunities, contacts and accounts from connected CRM applications.

Accessibility Work from anywhere! Synap works across desktop and mobile devices - no mobile app required - making it easy to access crucial contact information and share notes and research on the go. With Synap for Gmail, you can even work from your inbox.


Deployment Get set-up in minutes! Your time is best spent on analysis. Just log in with your email, and you can set up your Synap team in minutes. Synap automatically adds your contacts, organizing them by company. It even finds addresses, photos, bios, and more for many people and management companies. Synap's experienced team offers concierge service to import your historical research information.