Investor Relations WebVision provides your investor relations team the ability to securely manage website and online document access for all investors, prospects and other interested parties.

Investor Relations
  • Manage new user site access through an easy-to-use and customizable site registration form with relevant approvals
  • Permission access in a granular way via user roles to determine the pages and document categories each user sees
  • Leverage your site as a communication tool for both prospects and investors by controlling the exact site experience for each
  • Self-manage updates to site content via our flexible content editor
  • Auto-Notify registered site users of website updates or newly posted documents at a routine scheduled time of your choosing, increasing site traffic 
  • Increase investor transparency through interactive graphical displays of fund performance, asset allocations or exposure information 
  • Utilize our document tagging feature to easily search for important investor documents 
  • Post portfolio manager commentaries on market dynamics, performance drivers, areas of risk, and future opportunities 
  • Allow investors to view historical performance information at either fund or account level

Sales & Marketing WebVision takes your sales efforts to a new level by allowing you to more easily communicate with prospects while having more insight into your prospects interests and behaviors.

Sales & Marketing
  • Manage your firm's corporate brand and identity by more effectively presenting a sophisticated and consistent message
  • Efficiently communicate with prospects by creating marketing email campaigns with links to appropriate site content or documents
  • Granularly track the level of prospect response to your communications with metrics on pages viewed and documents downloaded
  • Easily manage sales related events like webinars, audio casts, conference calls or meetings through WebVision's Event Management Platform
  • Easily import and categorize your contacts

Compliance WebVision not only ensures user privacy and the 24/7 monitoring of security issues and site maintenance, but also gives you a myriad of ways to enhance your compliance workflows - from collection of investor data to providing detailed information on all website activity

  • Maintain user privacy with configurable password structures, site security questions and the ability to block log-ins after a defined number of attempts
  • Receive security notifications based on IP address monitoring
  • Track and archive all activity on the website and receive a snapshot of all the website materials on a recurring basis using the system's WebShot feature
  • Incorporate secure and customizable document watermarking and advanced digital rights management tools for distributed documents and emails
  • Granularly control how your proprietary information is distributed using the platform's Document Security feature
  • Manage AIFMD compliance regulations using the system's automated and country specific disclaimers and marketing reports
  • Use your site for collection of compliance related "Know Your Client" data

Event Management Effectively manage communication, sign ups and notifications for planned investor or prospect meetings, events or web casts.

Event Management


  • Improve your ongoing investor communications by managing investor day meetings or other events from your site
  • Handle event registrations and scheduled reminders to target audiences
  • Easily handle distribution packages for pre event materials
  • Auto notify interested parties of event changes or other relevant information
  • Conduct and manage surveys pre or post your event
  • Integrate video content easily with Vimeo

Web Design We have our own branding and web designers on staff, so Imagineer can fully design and customize your website or, if you prefer, we can work with your existing design team. The WebVision platform can also be integrated with your existing website and configured to handle everything behind your user log in screen.

Web Design

Client Service At Imagineer, we put a tremendous emphasis on client service and customer satisfaction. Your subscription to WebVision includes installation, training, and all ongoing client support and product updates throughout your license period.

Client Service